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Moreno Batamba Lovy Longomba Osiepe

From Jarawilla O - Posted: Apr 03, 2011 GMT - 47,769 views
This is Orchestre Shika Shika of Monimambo Jim. But it is virtually the same line-up as Viva Makale. With Moreno, Lovy and Coco Zigo. With Frantal and Matumona on lead guitars. Remember within a period of two years, these three singers had sung variously or together in BOMA LIWANZA, LES KINOIS, SHIKA-SHIKA, SUPER LOVY, BANA LIKASI, VIVA MAKALE, BANA NGENGE and a host of other studio bands [eg Les Noirs of either Tshiku or Pili Muswahili fame]. Maybe Festival du Zaire scaped their wanderings! But one cannot be sure, given Lovy was a main act in Super Mazembe and Walumona of Viva Makale was the earlier le capitaine of Mangelepis! So unravelling their web of interconnections would be like decoding the genetic blue-print of some evolutionary higher organism. I surrender my case! Click HERE for Demonstration Video


Orchestra Shika Shika Amba

Jimmy Moni Mambo. East African Music.
From bwanakeino - Posted: Jun 12, 2011 GMT

Mbaraka Mwinshehe Sululu ya Moro, Mama Rida

2 postings. 1.Sululu ya Morogoro Jazz [ii] Mama Rida. From this powerful cannon of swahili music. Mwinshehe had it all in talent. Composition, guitaring, band-leading, singin...
From Jarawilla O - Posted: Apr 02, 2011 GMT Read more...

Embakasi Les Mangelepa

From bwanakeino - Posted: Feb 15, 2008 GMT

Nouvelle Generation Orchestre Lipua Lipua

From bwanakeino - Posted: Apr 12, 2008 GMT

Musa Juma Aggrey

From naidamu - Posted: Nov 29, 2006 GMT

john junior. osiepe vcd

john junior at his best, with luo benga music enjoy watching
From jabertolongo - Posted: May 01, 2010 GMT

moreno Moja 1 Vituko majengo

ochestre moja one lead by moreno batamba
From kassooh - Posted: Mar 09, 2011 GMT

DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra Furaha VCD

Was in a bus the other day [all the way from Arusha] bound for Isbania and to Mbita port, when I asked some bus-park vendors for some DDC music. They said: Bongo F. ndiyo ina...
From Jarawilla O - Posted: Apr 02, 2011 GMT Read more...

Les Wanyika Sina Makosa

Les Wanyika : Sina Makosa great music from kenya
From bartjelsma - Posted: Sep 30, 2008 GMT

Sisili Moni Mambo Orchestre Shika Shika

From bwanakeino - Posted: Apr 13, 2008 GMT
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